Blackjack counting is simply a strategy of “counting cards”. Widely used in blackjack, this casino counting strategy begins with counting specific cards as the dealer removes them from the card shoe. Which games can effectively use online casino counting? What is the easiest type of blackjack counting? I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner!

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Blackjack counting is a highly successful strategy, but keep in mind that gambling doesn’t guarantee any wins. Keep in mind that you don’t always win.

In blackjack counting, the more “10” cards in the card shoe, the better the player side.

If there are many cards other than “10” in the card shoe, the player will be at a disadvantage.


There are various types of online casino live casino games online counting besides the high-low system. Once you’ve mastered the general and intermediate Hi-Rosis stem, try different types of counting.


  • Casual system for beginners
  • KO / knockout system
  • Red 7 system
  • Hyopt I system
  • High opt II system for advanced users
  • There is a Zen system and so on.

Blackjack counting is based on how to count cards, which is used only by blackjack. In blackjack, many cards are treated as “10”, and “10”, “J”, “Q”, and “K” are counted as “10”, and how much of these cards remain in the shoe. You can effectively use blackjack counting by anticipating and understanding.

There are many ways to count blackjack, but the easiest way to count cards is to use the HiLo System. With the Hi-Lo system, you can count whether you have a lot of high cards or a lot of low cards. In this high-low system, “10 ・ A” cards are divided into -1, “7,8,9” cards are ± 0, and “2,3,4,5,6” cards are +1. And manage it.

Blackjack counting is available at online casinos Although prohibited at Land Casino, online counting at home allows you to take notes without anyone seeing it. Keep in mind that live casinos are especially effective for blackjack counting.

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